How to wear artificial breast correctly?

Breasts are a symbol of female beauty. Breast cancer patients after mastectomy, the loss of one breast, not only affect the figure, but also make the body out of balance. If it is not suitable for breast reconstruction, you can regain its appearance by wearing an artificial breast. Artificial breasts, also known as fake breasts or artificial breasts, are made of materials similar to breast density, usually made of silicone, which makes them feel lifelike and comfortable and look beautiful. Wearing artificial breast with a certain weight is not only for physical beauty, but also can eliminate shoulder muscle soreness and other symptoms caused by chest imbalance after mastectomy. Suitable artificial milk can quickly make up for the defects of the body and replace part of the function of the original organs.

The function of artificial breast: not only helps to reshape beautiful curves, but also helps to maintain body balance and avoid scoliosis, shoulder tilt and muscle atrophy caused by chest imbalance. Can also increase the comfort of wearing, but also help psychological adjustment, so as to restore self-confidence. Choose the right artificial breast, fill the cup, perfect visual effect, do not leave any trace, you can move freely after wearing it, there is no worry at all.

How to choose artificial breast: choose the appropriate breast circumference, the chest circumference worn after the operation should be comfortable, and you can choose the chest circumference without steel wire as far as possible to avoid harming the sensitive skin after operation; choose the appropriate artificial breast, according to the location and figure of the operation, you can choose different types of artificial breast; try on, the wearing of artificial breast must be guided by a professional and can be worn after wound healing (usually 4 or 6 weeks after operation).

Breast care and care: treat the breast as a part of your body, rinse daily with clean water or mild lotion and gently wipe dry with a towel. Avoid using sharp objects (scissors, tacks and brooches) and animals to prevent piercing; rinse as soon as possible after swimming, and swing the nipple end of the breast back into the handbag when not in use to avoid sunlight. Choose a brand with considerate service, such as Sharon, tailor-made a special protective cover for each breast.

Wearing artificial breasts can save you the pain of breast reconstruction surgery and help you reshape your life.