Tips for Crossdressing When Stepping Out in Public

For most crossdressers, stepping out in public is something they really want to experience in their life. But many don’t have the courage and are mostly afraid that they don’t look passable enough or thinking what if people will point and stare, or worse say nasty things. In this article, we will help you overcome your fear and help you become confident about crossdressing in public.

Being a crossdresser in public is certainly not an easy job. The fact that someone is crossdressing means that their outward dressing does not correspond to their identified gender. So there are possibility of being ridiculed or harassed if you don’t pass or blend well enough. In many places it’s okay to crossdress in public but there are also some places which do not tolerate it. So, always make sure to follow the law and culture to avoid any hassle or unfortunate moments.


It is important to acquire good confidence level before deciding to crossdress in public.  Break through the fear and focus on being more confident about yourself.

Here are some tips and things to consider for Crossdressing in Public

No.1. Perfect your feminine appearance and manners 

This is the most important thing to consider before you step out in public. Do your best to enhance & improve your feminine appearance first. Take time in learning to style yourself from head to toe and see what looks & works the best for you. If you feel like you don’t look very passable as a girl/woman, try to at-least look your best. Experiment with different outfits and style which makes you look more feminine. Another thing is Makeup. Makeup can really do wonders to make you look more feminine but you will need to apply it properly.


Pay attention to the details while applying makeup and use it to hide any masculine features of your face. Next, choose a hair wig wisely. It is quite important for your feminine image. Only wear good quality hair wigs that looks very natural on you and also make sure to style it nicely

For those of you who feel like you don’t look very feminine, you can really enhance your feminine appearance by wearing body shaping garments like breastforms, hip pads, butt pads and tummy shaper. These products can really help to give your body a nice curvy figure. So, if you are really serious about your feminine image, do invest in such products but always go for the best quality that you can afford.

Get rid of all the facial and any body hair that will be exposed during your time outside. Also, work out on your feminine postures and gestures properly before stepping out.

No.2.  Dress Appropriately

Always dress within limit. Do your best to follow the dress code that girls and women around you usually follow. Wear the best quality clothes that you can afford and try to look clean, tidy and fresh.


Make sure the clothes that you are wearing fits you properly and you are comfortable wearing it. Dressing for the situation is key to passing or blending. Wear appropriate outfits that matches the event/occasion. If it’s your first time out, better to keep your outfit simple and sweet.

No. 3. Pick a right time and place to go out

Plan beforehand how you want to spend your time outside in public. Decided whether to go out during the day time or night time that best suits you. Be careful in considering the location and activities that you will be doing. Always carry some money, your mobile and keys before stepping out.

For your first time, pick a location where there will be less people and where it will be the safest for you. You can keep it short and gradually increase your time out in public step by step in your next outings.

No.4. Wear nice accessories

Having proper accessories can make a huge difference in passing/blending in as a woman. Carry a nice handbag or purs

You can also wear earrings, necklace and bracelets, anything that adds a delicate touch of femininity. Splash yourself in feminine perfume and smell wonderful before stepping out.

No. 5. Walk like a lady

Make sure you can walk in women shoes before stepping out. If your walk is strange or over exaggerated, you will get all the wrong attention. Try to be relaxed and avoid being very stiff while walking.

Put on wedges, flats or sandals if you are uncomfortable to walk in heels. Always remember to maintain a good posture while you are outside.


No.6. Stay calm & confident

Try to be relaxed when you are outside. Don’t focus too much on how you must be looking once outside, rather focus on just having a nice time. Do not keep adjusting your hair or your clothes over and over again. Just let it go and enjoy yourself.

If you get very nervous in front of other people, take out your phone and pretend to take photos or act busy until they pass you. Don’t rush out of the situation awkwardly.

No. 7. Be prepared for unexpected turns

There is high chances that what you planned could take an unexpected turn in your outing in public. So, always be prepared as best as you can. You might have to speak to someone in public or you might see someone you know. So, its a good idea to take these things into consideration and plan for emergencies just in case.


People might interact with you so its also better if you practice on your feminine voice somewhat before stepping out. Speaking softly and slowly can really help. Don’t try to over emphasize on your voice and make it very squeaky or high pitched, try to keep it more natural even if it’s not very feminine.