Silicone hip pads before and after

Silicone hip pads are a type of body shaper that are designed to enhance or alter the appearance of the hips. They are usually worn underneath clothing to create a more feminine or hourglass silhouette. Some people may use silicone hip pads as part of their crossdressing attire to create a more feminine appearance.

Before using silicone hip pads, the hips may appear relatively flat or have a more masculine shape. After using silicone hip pads, the hips may appear fuller and more feminine in shape, depending on the size and style of the pads being used. It is important to choose a size and shape that will match your natural body proportions for a natural-looking result.

It is important to follow the instructions for wearing and caring for silicone hip pads to ensure that they are comfortable and effective. Be sure to choose high-quality pads made with durable materials and follow the manufacturer's recommendations for cleaning and storage to extend the life of the pads.