How to Choose a Breast Form

The key aspects we would recommend considering are:

  1. What size would you like to be A-E cup size?
  2. What shape is best for your frame/appearance?
  3. What gives me the best value for money?


You need to check your chest size, height, and weight to make sure which size fit you.

There are different of breast frame for you to choose, such as triangle shape, teardrop shape and round shape. You can choose the right shape for you.

what is budget for your breast form?

Prices can vary due to several factors:

  • The quality and viscosity of the silicone gel used in production.
  • The size of the form – larger they are the more expensive they become.
  • The quality/material used for the breast forms.

It is recommend the silicone breast forms

It touch feel soft realistic like real boobs, and it is safe for your body.